Monday, February 1, 2010

My 20th. =)

I know this post is like a little late. I was having so much fun i din have the time to blog. =P hee hee..

My 20th... was one day before my final exam paper. But my housemates who finished their papers earlier gave me a little surprise!! =) Muaks them.

Mr Yee had to distract me for like half an hour or so, so that the others can work on the plan. haha.. He did a pretty bad job giving himself away right at the start but nice try! =)

So.... it all started at 11.35pm when i was persuaded to leave my room to go collect my present. So there i go.. out of my room. 4 other friends of mine then sneaked into my room!! without me knowing of course. And they started working. =P

When it was 12, i wanted to get back to my room to get my phone! and apparently, they are not done by then. hee hee.. So i was persuaded to hang around a while more. and i think i left at 12.05am or so. =P

When i got back to my room, it was locked!

And when they knew i was outside, they unlocked it and surprise me with a cake! =) whee whee!
And there were candles on the floor... =) * my dream * cheesy i know. but i have always wanted it. so much. and it came true!

That is cynthia =) and kelvin with the cake!

The candles and my cake! =) i somehow loved the candles too.. so cute!

Thankkkkk you guys so much!

And i did mention about the WORK they have been doing in my room. hee hee..

This is what i meant.

Wonder what he's doing? =) He's sticking stars on my ceiling for me........ so nice!
They glow in the dark!

Kiat yin decorating my cake! =)

Thank you so much guyssss... and it's okay you broke my bed. =P Love you all!

Some more pictures!

Cut cut cake. =)

Bite bite out the cute candles. =)

Divide divide cake. =)

A picture with my housemates!

And................ of course the candles were so nice i had to pose with them =P

dream come trueeeee =)

And presenting the present i got from Mr Yee......

Tadaaa.. it's a key chain!
With a weird shape.
It's a......... vibrator. =/ hee hee.. but thank youuu! bluek!

I wanted to take a photo of the stars on my ceiling too. But i can't seem to capture it nicely because the stars are so small....... =( too bad.

Well... thank you so muchh! Special thanks to the man behind the ideas. =)

MUAKS! Love you all! I was really happy!

And not to forget.. I wanna thank everybody for all the messages that flooded my facebook page. =)

And the people who called me sharp at 12.
You know who you are..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's for youuu! =)

i know it's really simple. but i hope you like it.. =)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I dun wanna be 20.. =(

I don't want 2010 to come.. cuz i wanna keep being 19. and 19 and 19 and 19. =(

But i'm becoming twentyyyyyyyyyyyyy! 20!! big number!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wishing everyone a...


Monday, December 21, 2009


I love this guy and his role in Gossip Girls Season 3. He is the perfect kind of guy that i would fall for at the moment. Hahahaha.. When people ask me what kind of guy do i like.. Well, the way i explained would have sounded like i love bad boys. Hee hee.. But his role in Season 3 is what i meant. He's bad, smart in a way, thoughtful, sensitive and he loves his girl with the right amout of affection shown. I just LOVEEEE it! =)

But it's a movie afterall.. but i still love it!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Used to...

I know there's the switzerland trip i can talk about, kee kee's birthday.. all the outings..
I'll come to that i guess.. but just not this post.

I miss how i used to be.


The old Jas Min was too naive. A bit stupid stupid one.

Come to think of it... i was very much a leader (tai ka che) in from primary 1 to 3.
Hee hee.. i bully ppl one. i dunno how i can get so good at getting back at ppl when we argue. i just always win. =P
I'm the one who lead my classmates to go play in the mud with me..
And we all got punished for stepping into the classrooms with our muddy shoes.
Have to stand in front. =(

And i lead my classmates to go dig for ''gold''. HAHAHA... Gold in this sense is broken pieces of china. Hee hee.. somehow there were tonnes of them in the ground and we spend half of our recess time digging them. And we keep them in a plastic bag near the toilet where the nenek bongkok stay. =P

Recess time!! We always run as fast as we could to the canteen. For me, not to be the first in line. But just to win the race. Hee hee.. I remember how we loved the goreng ayam which was SOOOO unhealthy but tastes so good. =) 50 cents for the smaller one and 1 ringgit for the bigger one. whee!

And i lead my classmates to decorate the black board during teachers day because our class prefects didn't decorate ours. We got jealous of the next door's beautiful blackboard. =(

And we challenge ourselves to go up the chapel stairs. And when we reach the top, we all ran down before we could see anything because we were scared. Hee hee.. it wasn't haunted after all.. We just like to think it is i guess. =P

And back then i hated prefects. Because they never listen. Hmph!
And they dun let us talk! Although we talk soft soft. That is so unfair.

Then it was PTS. i was in the hall for some event rehearsal when some teacher came and told lisa she got through it. and not long after that, i knew i passed it too... Well.. before i knew, i was jealous. I was asking myself if i was good enough to get through it. But after getting to know that i too got it, i was in dilemma. I didn't wanna leave my friends. I guess i just didn't wanna know another new group of people who are elder than me. And i start deceiving myself that i wouldn't be able to do it and that staying back was a better idea. My best friend back then cried and asked me not to proceed a year faster. And i made up my mind not to. I was a really stubborn girl back then. When i say no, means no. No matter how much you try to talk to me about it, save it. I went to the express class tuition though. Mum said, just in case i decided to change my mind. So fine.. i went.

My tuition teacher tried to persuade me, my cousins tried, my mum, my aunts, my school teachers all gave their shot. But i was stubborn enough. So i went to std 4 happily with all my books until mum came into classroom and asked me to packed up and go to standard 5. =(

So i went. =( I sat at the back. And that's when i started to change i guess. I was no more the bossy, hot tempered girl. But i'm still stubborn in some ways though. Mixing with a whole group of elder girls kept me in low profile throughout. And all the students who went pass PTS had to go to the second class of std 5. So i guess some of the girls were not as nerdy and nice initially. But i got along with them.. and they weren't that bad after all. I miss a malay girl. i forgot her name.. =( she changed school after standard 5 and i never knew where she went. =( her name starts with the letter D if i'm not mistaken. I still remember on the last day of std 5, we played till i nearly pulled her tudung off.. Whoever you are, i miss you! =)

Then i got back in first class in std 6. Well i got to say, i never regretted skipping std 4. My classmates are really nice!! Hee hee.. i sat with jenna. And there was this once i quarreled with her! but she din know i'm mad at her and she's still so nice to me.. hee hee.. childish me. =P and i was really close to patricia too.. =) i remember always sitting with her in computer classes. And we'll nudge each other in the hand when it's the other party's turn to answer the questions. =)
And due to the very talkative JAS MIN, i changed place a few times. hee hee.. i sat with neo li bing, and also lina. =) Neo li bing was fun. Lina was nice. I still remember li bing gave me the japanese name miyuki which i still love till today. Lina was a pretty quiet girl though.. with REALLY NEAT hand writting. She gave me a bookmark she made herself on the last day! I still remember i was really sick during the last few days of school and when i still wanna go to school to meet my friends. =)

However, some of us had to part because we got separated into different schools. =( My closest friends back then, jenna, patricia, ho swii fern, li bing and a few of my other classmates got transfered to a different secondary school. We tried to keep in touch with letters.. but sooner or later.. we got different group of friends.. But we're still friends now! =)

Then i got into secondary school....... =P and i'll talk about that in my next post!

Too bad i din have photos of me during my primary school with me now. =(