Monday, February 1, 2010

My 20th. =)

I know this post is like a little late. I was having so much fun i din have the time to blog. =P hee hee..

My 20th... was one day before my final exam paper. But my housemates who finished their papers earlier gave me a little surprise!! =) Muaks them.

Mr Yee had to distract me for like half an hour or so, so that the others can work on the plan. haha.. He did a pretty bad job giving himself away right at the start but nice try! =)

So.... it all started at 11.35pm when i was persuaded to leave my room to go collect my present. So there i go.. out of my room. 4 other friends of mine then sneaked into my room!! without me knowing of course. And they started working. =P

When it was 12, i wanted to get back to my room to get my phone! and apparently, they are not done by then. hee hee.. So i was persuaded to hang around a while more. and i think i left at 12.05am or so. =P

When i got back to my room, it was locked!

And when they knew i was outside, they unlocked it and surprise me with a cake! =) whee whee!
And there were candles on the floor... =) * my dream * cheesy i know. but i have always wanted it. so much. and it came true!

That is cynthia =) and kelvin with the cake!

The candles and my cake! =) i somehow loved the candles too.. so cute!

Thankkkkk you guys so much!

And i did mention about the WORK they have been doing in my room. hee hee..

This is what i meant.

Wonder what he's doing? =) He's sticking stars on my ceiling for me........ so nice!
They glow in the dark!

Kiat yin decorating my cake! =)

Thank you so much guyssss... and it's okay you broke my bed. =P Love you all!

Some more pictures!

Cut cut cake. =)

Bite bite out the cute candles. =)

Divide divide cake. =)

A picture with my housemates!

And................ of course the candles were so nice i had to pose with them =P

dream come trueeeee =)

And presenting the present i got from Mr Yee......

Tadaaa.. it's a key chain!
With a weird shape.
It's a......... vibrator. =/ hee hee.. but thank youuu! bluek!

I wanted to take a photo of the stars on my ceiling too. But i can't seem to capture it nicely because the stars are so small....... =( too bad.

Well... thank you so muchh! Special thanks to the man behind the ideas. =)

MUAKS! Love you all! I was really happy!

And not to forget.. I wanna thank everybody for all the messages that flooded my facebook page. =)

And the people who called me sharp at 12.
You know who you are..


nach adam said...

jas u got a vibrator on ur 20th?wow...let me do it on i?haha.

Jesslyn said...

hahaha.. i might consider. heee heee...... bluek! no!